"Boldly adventurous, audacious, and rebellious." - FearNet



Filmmakers are currently being contacted in regards to ofiicial selections and rejections.
Stay tuned as the schedule will be posted September 8.

Wild Eye Releasing is on board for a fourth straight year as a sponsor. They will host the festival's distribution panel, have a special showcase and host our closing night after party.

Whacked Movies has returned for a second year as a sponsor. They will take part in our distribution panel and looking to pick up films for their company to release.

Sony Creative Software has returned for a fifth time as a sponsor
and will be giving $3,000 worth of prizes to winners.

Quick Film Budget has come on as a sponsor
and will be giving $5,000 worth of prizes to winners.

Play Hooky Coming to DVD this Fall from Wild Eye Releasing's
New PollyGrind Presents Label - Dread Central

“PollyGrind is unique in that it selects films that live on the edges, margins and in the shadows and brings them to the attention of mainstream distributors. That's the miracle of what Chad Clinton Freeman's built in PollyGrind, a festival not about pedigree or stars but about imagination, creativity and ideas.” - Albert Pyun

Fifth Annual PollyGrind Film Festival
in Las Vegas, Nevada
October 16-18, 2014

“One of the legitimate champions of truly independent filmmaking.” - Weng's Chop

"Specializes in all things alternative, with a wide variety of films not shown elsewhere." - MovieMaker


"Ignore everything that doesn’t serve the honoring of your purpose. Not ignore as in deny reality - ignore as in find a way to keep your eyes on the purpose at the end of the tunnel no matter what is pressing up against you. We lose our way when we get so lost in our distractions that we wander from our path. But when we can hold a vision of purpose safe no matter what...it deepens within us and ensures that we will honor it when the moment is right." - Jeff Brown

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