The Fourth Annual International
PollyGrind Film Festival

October 9-13, 2013 in Las Vegas

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PollyGrind 2013 now has more than $30,000 in cash, prizes and swag to give away,
including distribution contracts and consulations from


"Chad - just got a mid-Cannes sales report and Cool Air will close sales in 10 territories by the end of Cannes. And Bulletface will close 6 territories (limited due to graphic content). So I must thank you and Pollygrind for giving both films the best possible launch. Road to Hell has received 52 request for screeners including Starz Australia and two big Japanese distributors and so hopefully those deals will close a week or so after the market. I am so grateful to PollyGrind and yourself for creating a launch pad for unusual films."

- Albert Pyun,
2012 winner Best Fantasy Film, Best Crime Film
and Filmmaker of a Different Breed Award

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The PollyGrind is Las Vegas' Premiere Underground Film Festival. We are in our fourth year and continue to learn and grow from each previous year so that we can best live up to our reputation as a film festival of a different breed.

We are always on the lookout for new talented filmmakers and try to spotlight as many different types of projects as we can. In living up to that concept, we have again expanded our entry categories.

We now offer special discounted categories for women and girl filmmakers, all filmmakers under 18 and Nevada filmmakers and films. We also offer discounted entries to debut and sophomore features that have not had world premieres, as well as films that have been rejected from other festivals. New this year is also the addition of a screenplay competition.

In addition, award winners from the previous year recieve a waived entry fee and filmmakers that win one of our big annual awards nab free entries for life.

We also continue to be a partner and an IMDb qualifier.

But more importantly, we don't just make selections and screen films; we champion projects and their makers. PollyGrind is about artistic freedom and the duality of life. For every good thing, there is a bad. But for every bad thing, there is also a good. The festival itself is about taking nothing and turning it into something creative or taking a negative and making it positive. Let's keep the indie fight alive, explore creativity, and celebrate artistic freedom.

MovieMaker magazine named PollyGrind to its 2012 list of "25 festivals worth the entry fee" and in its first three years, the festival has seen more than 50 of its official selections land distribution deals with Lions Gate, Troma Entertainment, Alternative Cinema, Chemical Burn, Wild Eye Releasing, Breaking Glass Pictures, Sundance, Showtime, Autonomy Pictures, Midnight Releasing, Modern American Cinema, Media Blasters, Maya Entertainment, R Squared, IFC Midnight, Synapse Films and many more.

Our up-to-date list, which includes The Bunny Game, Slime City Massacre and Dead Hooker in a Trunk, can be found here.

And what better place for the ultimate genre and underground film festival than Las Vegas, the home of glitz, glam, filth and sin, as well as cult filmmakers Ted V. Mikels, Albert Pyun, David Schmoeller, Christopher Webster, Danny Draven and the late Ray Dennis Steckler.

Taking place in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, PollyGrind is a community of creative individuals, created by filmmakers, that celebrates individuality, diversity, creativity and empowerment.

For those that are involved in or support independent filmmaking and those that love cult, horror, sci-fi, exploitation, arthouse, cool, edgy, sexy, off kilter, dark, innovative and bloody works of cinema, here is your chance to be apart of the revolution that is known as PollyGrind.

Grind on,
Chad Clinton Freeman,

Creator & Director of the PollyGrind

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"I have to give mad props to film programmer Chad Clinton Freeman for programming such a varied and amazing lineup; one that includes more equal numbers of new and innovative female and male directors than other genre film festivals out there."

- Heidi Honeycutt,
co-director and film programmer of Viscera Film Festival

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