Markowitz Sightings:
Oldies, But Goodies- We just found Markowitz Garvey's photos of Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in L.A. from April 2008 and uploaded them to Flickr. Tons of cool stuff here.

May 20 - Living legend Ted V. Mikels brought his world premiere of Astro Zombies M4: Invaders From Cyberspace to PollyGrind's home - theatre7 in the Las Vegas' downtown arts district. Mark was there.

April 20 - Mark was there for the PollyGrind Presents A Very Troma 420 with Lloyd Kaufman and his wife Pat in attendance at theatre7 in the downtown Las Vegas arts district. Kaufman was presented with a plaque from PollyGrind just before the Las Vegas premiere of Father's Day. See Markowitz's photos here. For Scott Harrison's photos from the night, click here.

April 6 - The Amazing Thug Armadillo represented PollyGrind at the VIP world premiere weekend screening of Bettie Page Reveals All at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend in April 2012. See his photo gallery here. Watch video from the night here.


"Troma is proud of what you are doing!" - Lloyd Kaufman



The Third Annual International
PollyGrind Film Festival

Coming to Las Vegas in October 2012

Accepting entries March 1 to August 13!

"Reveling in everything from arthouse to grindhouse to everything in between,
PollyGrind has quickly made a name for itself as one of the up-and-coming premiere
genre fests out there due to the success of each year of programming."





The PollyGrind is Las Vegas' Premiere Underground Film Festival. We are in our third year and continue to learn and grow from each previous year so that we can best live up to our reputation as a film festival of a different breed.

We are always on the lookout to spotlight as many different types of projects as we can and in living up to that concept, we have expanded our entry categories from eight to 19. We have also become a partner and are now an IMDb qualifier.

In 2011, our 100-plus official selections represented more than 30 different film genres. We then handed out over 50 awards. This year we hope to increase all of these numbers and give out awards to as many as 100 projects.

But that's not all, we don't just make selection and screen films; we champion projects. In our first two years, we have seen more than 20 films we showcased receive distribution. Our up-to-date list, which includes Slime City Massacre and Dead Hooker in a Trunk, can be found here.

We are also about fun! We try to make PollyGrind so much more than an international film event. It is a year-long creative community. In the past, in addition to great films and Q&As, we have incorporated concerts, burlesque, art shows, a radio show, an interactive game show, CD listening and video game playing parties, First Friday's art festival, a zombie red carpet walk, a stage production, and micro festivals such as Mindscapes, Zombiepalooza, Friday the 13th Weekend, March Madness Weekend and St. Valentine's Massacre Weekend.

And what better place for the ultimate genre and underground film festival than Las Vegas, the home of glitz, glam, filth and sin, as well as cult filmmakers Ted V. Mikels, Albert Pyun, David Schmoeller and the late Ray Dennis Steckler. Taking place in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world's arts district, PollyGrind is a community of creative individuals, created by filmmakers, that celebrates individuality, diversity, creativity and empowerment.

For those that are involved in or support independent filmmaking and those that love cult, horror, sci-fi, exploitation, arthouse, cool, edgy, sexy, off kilter, dark, innovative and bloody works of cinema, here is your chance to be apart of the revolution that is known as the PollyGrind.

Grind on,
Chad Clinton Freeman,

Creator & Director of the PollyGrind


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